About Us

In 2010, our family and friends started the sun care brand Sun Bum in order to protect ourselves and our small beach community from the harmful dangers of the sun. As our little company grew we started to realize that our products and logos were connecting with kids of all ages, and we wanted to do more. So, in 2016 we started a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Protect The Groms. In surf lingo “Groms” means “kids”.

Did you know that a lot of the skin cancers you get as an adult are the results from burns you got when you were a kid? And did you know that in most schools in America, you cant bring sunscreen to school without a doctors note because it’s classified as a “drug”? We wanna change that.

Protect The Groms partners with elementary schools to inspire and provide sun safety education to the next generation. We provide educational materials, free sunscreen, hats, and grants to put up shade structures over playgrounds. It’s the least we can do, and a constant reminder of why we started in the first place. Our goal is to move the needle on skin cancer in America one elementary school at a time, and hopefully stoke out a few groms along the way.

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Why is our logo a banana?

Because a banana is protected, you know, covered head to toe, just like we should be.

Stay Shady, PTG


Partner Schools

  • Ka’ōhau Public Charter School

  • Voyager Public Charter School

  • Sunset Beach Elementary School

  • Roosevelt Elementary School

  • Cardiff Elementary School

  • Ada Harris Elementary School

  • Hope Elementary School

  • Skyline Elementary School

  • Buena Vista Elementary School

  • Magnolia Elementary School

  • Kelly Elementary School

  • Jefferson Elementary School

  • La Costa Heights Elementary School

  • Poinsettia Elementary School

  • Innovation Center Encinitas School

  • Solana Vista Elementary School